Range Sanitary Trunk Phase 1

Calgary, AB

Installation of additional sanitary sewer capacity into a quickly growing community in South East Calgary using innovative tunnelling methods as a means of installation.


Volker Stevin


2 Weeks



Flow Rate

50 L/s



Discharge Point

Downstream Manhole

The Challenge

The intake for the temporary bypass system needed to be done from the pipe itself as a new manhole was being installed to allow for increased capacity. As originally installed, the pipe was far below the maximum suction lift capability for the pumps required and a bench needed to be excavated for the pumps to operate within range.

Our Solution

  • Stormtec worked with the client to advise the optimum benching requirement needed
  • An innovative isolation technique was installed to create an acceptable wet well to pump from
  • Crews initiated a site-specific safety measure in response to the unique conditions relating to the placement of pumping equipment