Sutherland Drive

Winnipeg, MB

As part of the ongoing rehabilitation plans, the city of Winnipeg chose to use a CIPP process to renew a major sanitary trunk running under Sutherland Drive.







Flow Rate

650 L/s



Discharge Point

Downstream Manhole

The Challenge

This project had many challenging aspects to it which Stormtec was forced to utilize our collective expertise and experience to solve. The pumping system itself was required to be very large to handle the flow through the existing line, as well as had business access at multiple locations along the line which meant the installation of a large number of road crossings. All this work took place during the beginning of winter in Winnipeg as well which presents issues due to freezing.

Our Solution

  • 100% redundancy installed at the request of the city
  • Multiple road ramps engineered into pumping system to allow for local access
  • Fully monitored 24 hours a day
  • HDPE pipe fused by certified technicians to eliminate leaks
  • Site specific temperature control and checks due to winter conditions