Pier West

New Westminster, BC

The Pier West Towers Project will construct 53- and 43-storey residential towers, a 3-storey commercial building with a 40-space child-care facility, and retail space including an extension to Westminster Pier Park.


Bosa Development


48 Months


Dewatering, Environmental, Major Projects,

Flow Rate

2,000 - 30,000 GPM Systems



Discharge Point

Aquatic Habitat

The Challenge

To complete this project, a permanent seawall has been installed in the Fraser River, creating the available space for 2 new towers. With the seawall being 75ft into the river and 950ft upstream, this created a flooded work zone which required dewatering.

Bulk pumping was performed to draw down the water tapped within the seawall, allowing backfill to be placed. Once we completed the bulk dewatering and the area was backfilled, the next phase of water management was executed.

Laser cut deep wells were strategically drilled into place, taking building construction into consideration. The wells will manage the ground water from the tidal river to ensure a safe dry work zone during core construction. Once building foundations have been completed, deep well will slowly be decommissioned.

Our Solution

  • 18″ high flow slotted wells capable of 750gpm each.
  • HDPE perimeter dewatering header to manage water from multiple wells.
  • Pump failure protection with auto dialer notification system.