CN Highfield Utility Relocation

Calgary, AB

To prepare for construction of the new Green Line LRT expansion the city of Calgary was required to relocate underground Storm and Sanitary Sewer infrastructure near a future station along the route.




26 Months



Flow Rate

As Designed 221 L/s



Discharge Point

Downstream Manhole

The Challenge

The project was initially designed to be performed over the course of a few months, however the temporary bypass ended up operating for over 2 years which presented a number of challenges in operating and maintaining the pumping system to work as designed for a much longer window.

Our Solution

  • Stormtec provided around the clock monitoring and developed specific, regular checks of all equipment to ensure no wear issues went un-attended to
  • Installed crossing underneath active railroad tracks
  • Special winterization measures were taken due to the need to operate through 2 separate winter periods
  • Installed an additional smaller bypass to alleviate infiltration from an unidentified intersecting sanitary line
  • Worked with local contractors to provide security support to the project during off hours