ABC Recycling

Surrey, BC; Burnaby, BC

ABC Recycling’s operation involves purchasing ferrous and non-ferrous metals – including household appliances, end-of-life vehicles, and other industrial or demolition scrap metal products that might otherwise end up in landfills – and salvages or processes them for resale at competitive rates.


ABC Recycling




Environmental, Industrial,

Flow Rate

Up to 100 GPM System


Heavy Metals, Hydrocarbons

Discharge Point

Aquatic Habitat

The Challenge

Precipitation over the project sites at the Surrey and Burnaby BC locations becomes contaminated as the scrap product leaches metals and hydrocarbons. ABC devised an integrated water management plan that required a fixed water treatment system to treat surface water runoff to applicable discharge guidelines.


  • Sale of turn-key, custom-built water treatment system with independent power system.
  • Ongoing operations and maintenance of purchased equipment.
  • Ongoing project management.
  • Effluent levels of less than 1 NTU achieved.