Dawson Road Relining

Winnipeg, MB

Insituform was selected by the city of Winnipeg to perform the relining of a large diameter sanitary sewer main. Based on the history of local work done together, Insituform asked Stormtec to accompany them to Winnipeg as their bypass contractor of choice.




3 Weeks



Flow Rate

462 L/S



Discharge Point

Downstream Manhole

The Challenge

The large sewer main is what’s known as ‘non-circular’, in this case an egg shape, which makes it extremely difficult to install isolation equipment to contain the fluid and create adequate capacity for pumping.

Solutions Provided

  • High flow submersible pumps were assembled inside the isolated pipe and installed in staggered positions.
  • A custom isolation was developed and installed in place of a standard pneumatic pipe plug.
  • Operated 2 systems running parallel to each other for redundant best-practice.
  • Quick, professional, rig-in and rig-out came in under budget and cost savings were passed on to the client.
  • Worked with local contractors to provide security support to the project during off hours.